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TrojanUV Wastewater Disinfection Systems Ideal For India

We have a full suite of UV disinfection products that can treat a wide range of flow rates and applications. Here are three that are ideal for India.


Dependable performance and simplified maintenance


A simple, robust system for small flows


Low lamp count and high electrical efficiency

“We chose UV disinfection for our 120MLD STP at Varanasi because of its superiority in terms of perfomance & quality. This system has an added advantage of being eco-friendly, considering the potential hazards associated with other disinfection methods. We at L&T always look for the best products. It is quite evident that UV system is the way to go - the benefits are undeniable."

Mr. S. Jagannathan,
Chief Technology Officer,
Water & Effluent Treatment IC,
L&T Construction

The Clean Ganga Project
The Government of India has made a commitment to clean up the Ganga River. This project, called the Clean Ganga Project, was started in 2014 after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India.
The TrojanUV3000Plus™ is currently being installed at the Varanasi Sewage Treatment Plant in Uttar Pradesh, India to disinfect 120 MLD (5,000 m3 /hr) of wastewater before it discharges into the river.